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Fall Barrel Tasting is fast approaching, so here's a little insider into which wineries will be hosting this event, so you can make your itinerary!

Wines that will be offered to taste throughout the weekend include the following:

The sun is shining and the strawberries are juicy! Make sure your next Chelan escape includes some of this countries most bountiful luxuries - FRESH, ORGANIC FRUIT! We've got you covered from party salads to entree add-ons. Shop organic and in season all year round in Chelan. Where to find the trees of plenty? They are everywhere!

This is the time of the year where most of us peak and feel the need to “reset”. Whether it’s house cleaning, eating habits or our work out regimen.  Often times we forget to clean one important place, our minds. Let the beauty of nature take you away from all the stresses your everyday life might bring.

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