Lake Chelan Blog

Chelan Local

I don't know about you but when I visit a new place I am always wondering, "what do the locals do?" There is something ever so exciting to exploring a place through the eyes of a local. They are immune to the "hype" and have really figured out what the BEST actually is. Come on this journey through a fun filled day spent just like one! 

Fall Leaf

Try something new! We all know how beautiful a lake is during the summer but have you checked out the views in the Fall?! You can expect vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. Brisk mornings and nights with the brightness of the sun keeping your nose and ears warm.

Chelan Apple

It's July in Chelan and that means - APPLES ARE HERE! If you haven't experienced a Northwest apple, you are seriously missing out. They are hard to miss considering they account for over 85% of distribution in the US.

Chelan Wines

The Chelan Valley is home to one of the greatest areas to grow grapes in Washington; 11th to be exact. Because of the desert like heat and cool nights with the lakes breeze it makes for a perfect potion when growing grapes.