Chelan Area Information


Lake Chelan (pronounced "shuh-LAN") is situated in the northern center of Washington state, just 3 hours from Seattle or Spokane. Formed over 10,000 years ago, the lake is over 50 miles long and the third deepest lake in the US at just under 1,500 feet. The area is renowned for its 300+ days of sunshine a year which, of course, means a huge variety of outdoor activities in the Lake Chelan valley.

Great Note from Andy at Vacation Insiders!
Look no further than Lake Chelan. But don't think purely of families. This is one of those rare places which works for any group, any size, and any age. A relatively new wine region, having been designated an AVA in 2009, the Chelan area is producing some highly regarded wines, set against a stunning backdrop, in some quirky vineyards (see Hard Row to Hoe). And what better way to experience it than with a lakeside limo wine tour (see the 5 experiences not to miss). The entire family, and larger groups, will love the electric bike tours. And you can feel smug that you're touring the area in an eco-friendly way! Top the outdoor fun off with a meal at some mouth watering options, particularly Blueberry Hills Farm. For the more adventurous there's the prospect of jumping from a plane thousands of feet in the air. Or, how about a seaplane ride where you can take your dog?! No doubt, Lake Chelan has it all! And, most importantly, you'll attain hero status from friends and family for having booked a stay here, hopefully with the Sage Vacation Rental team!