Fruits of the Valley

27 Apr 2017
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The sun is shining and the strawberries are juicy! Make sure your next Chelan escape includes some of this countries most bountiful luxuries - FRESH, ORGANIC FRUIT! We've got you covered from party salads to entree add-ons. Shop organic and in season all year round in Chelan. Where to find the trees of plenty? They are everywhere! Come on this digital tour'de fruit and get stocked up for your summer stay! Happy Picking! 


It is important we are getting the right fruits at the right time of year! Although our crops tell us what is in season, we don't all have orchids in our back yard. Look for the following fruits during their peek months to ensure maximum nutrients and freshness. 

Places to get your fruit 

From the farmers market to YOU- PICK stops to some ones tree in their front yard, you will not have to look far to natures candies. Here are a few of our favorites! 

Bear Foods

For your dinner parties. Chelan's most trusted health food store. Discover local and organic produce amongst hundreds of beautifully merchandised products from honey to Italian noodles. 

Small Worlds Harvest 

Explore this small town stand on your way to Leavenworth! This place has so many fun activities for kids lie petting zoos, horse shoe pits and egg factories. Not to mention amazing local fruits! 

Blueberry Hills 

Arguably one of the best places in the valley! Offering home cooked breakfast and lunch with endless acres of blueberry and strawberry hills. When in season, you can pick your own! beautiful views and delicious food - did I mention fresh squeezed blueberry juice?!? A MUST TRY when in Chelan. 

Summer Farmers Market - Every Thursday from 4PM -7PM 

Over 20 vendors, many certified organic or on their way to it, sell their produce at the market. Depending on the week, you may find the expected: tomatoes, peppers, herbs, plums, peaches, cherries, apples; the unexpected: hummus, goat cheese, lavender and other flowers; and the unusual: gooseberries, currants and wool. One of the many special aspects of shopping at farmers’ markets is getting to know the farmers and vendors that work so hard to bring their beautiful offerings to market.  As Board member and visionary Mike Sherer puts it,

Fresh Recipes 

Now that you are all stocked up, take your fruit to the next level with some of our favorite fruit recipes. Don't forget the wine and cheese!