Explore Chelan like a local!

8 Aug 2017
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I don't know about you but when I visit a new place I am always wondering, "what do the locals do?" There is something ever so exciting to exploring a place through the eyes of a local. They are immune to the "hype" and have really figured out what the BEST actually is. Come on this journey through a fun filled day spent just like one! 

First stop, a nice early work out at Chelan Valley Cross Fit! Boot Camp starts at 8:15am every week day morning so get your booty in gear and get that work out in to pump you up for the rest of the day! The instructors are hard core and absolute pros. Besides, when you usually get the chance to work out in a renovated barn house? 

Now you've showered and you are heading out for the rest of your day as a local. Its around 945am and what do you turn on the radio? Only the coolest, smooth talking radio around (KOZI Radio) of course. Our local radio station. Go on a journey back into time as you drive along the cliff of the highway overlooking the lake, there are soft sounds of the 60's and 70's grooving in your ear. If you tune in long enough, you'll catch the "second cup of coffee" show which features listeners calling in and saying well, ANYTHING! Its a great way to get your "lake vibes" in before your day really gets going! 

You've made your way to downtown Chelan where you are ready for some breakfast! No place better then the Crepe Shop at Bear Foods! A great healthy and unique way to fuel yourself - Grab some fresh squeezed juice and a #8 savory crepe to get your taste buds rockin! The owner spent years in Europe and came up with a traditional treat made the "healthy" way. All crepes are free of wheat, milk and eggs but FULL of flavor. 

Drive right up to the top of the hill and find Apple Cup Too's coffee stand. They serve up some of the best lattes on the go and use only Blue Star coffee. You are going to need that roady as we gear up for some more exploring! 

So you've got KOZI radio on, coffee in hand (or in cup holder because of WA new law) your juiced up and ready to go! Where to next? You surely are not going to bother yourself with the big crowds at the lake. Its time to head into Manson and get to know the lake on an intimate level. Take the trek to Willow Point Park and you will not be disappointed! If its a weekday, you might find yourself there alone. Enjoy outstanding views of the lake and the peaceful serenity this Valley has to offer. You will experience the majesty of the lake here! 

It's mid afternoon and you are feeling really Zen from your private lake experience and probably a little nap. Its time for some shopping in town! Manson offers some of the cutest little shops that feature homemade candies, fine art and home goods. A local favorite has to be Allisons of Manson. The merchandising alone is worth the stop by. An insanely creative shop that features all the things you don't know you need. Perfect for gifts, souvenirs or for the locals, the cutest lake and farm inspired decor for your home. She even has a "Man Cave" downstairs with a full bar for the men who might need a load off while their lady shops. 

Well that worked up an appetite! Its 2pm and you are ready for some lunch! Hit Blueberry hills before it closes at 3pm! Blueberry hills is a HUGE tourist attraction and brings in hundreds of folks in every week. They are known for their exceptional breakfast and blueberries on almost everything. Come in the lunch hours and enjoy smaller lines with the same amazing food. A personal favorite is their house salad with chicken. Sounds simple, but they serve this up with blueberries, blueberry vinegarette and homemade croutons - a home run for a light lunch. Or you can go all out and order one of their famous burgers .. I'll let you make that call. 

After lunch, it might be time to start gathering up some dinner items for your relaxing evening watching the sunset and socializing with family. The Manson Farmers Market  Open every Wednesday and Sunday from June - September. The Manson Farmers market has been a vision of the Manson Grange hall since 1891. Get your fresh and local fruits and veggies, succulents, flowers and more! 

Next stop, wine and cheese! Head over to Lake Chelan Winery and Lake Chelan Cheese (located in the same building) and enjoy a plentiful selection of cheeses from around the world - they also offer free samples and local salmon that will knock your local socks off! Happen to be a Friday? Every Friday in the summer Lake Chelan Winery has live music in the vineyard that makes for a great end of day glass of wine and easy listening before you head home for some quality family time. 

Its about 7pm and you are headed back home. Afterall, this town is built on relaxation and nights with the family. A nice big home cooked meal on the back porch as you watch the sun set is a typical evening. Maybe a nice homemade pie with your fresh fruits or a colorful salad to accompany your steak on the BBQ. 

Last stop My Buddy's Place. You've had a long day of localing, now its time to take a night cap at one of the most fun places in town! Your very own "Cheers" to come and hang at where eveyone knows your name! Depending on the night, you might catch a DJ or some Karaoke but no matter what, you are bound to have a good time. If you get a hunger urge, you might want to indulge in their late night menu as it will not dissapoint.