Top Hiking Trails in Chelan!

28 Feb 2018
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When people think of fun activities to do while visiting Chelan, first thought might be boating, wine tasting or golfing. But another great outdoor activity in this area is hiking! When you visit Chelan, its easy to become memorized by the beautiful lake and surrounding mountains. Climbing to the top of the mountain will give you a new perspective of the valley and how open and vast it really is!

Below we have listed some of Lake Chelans top hiking trails. These trails offer a fun family outting, a great workout and an oppurtunity to capture beautiful photos and memories!


Chelan Butte

(4-7 miles)

Chelan Butte is located south of downtown Chelan. It offers a moderate hiking challenge, since the climb can be steep the further you go, but once you reach the top, all the work you put in will be worth it! You will see a beautiful view of the valley and town below.

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Echo Ridge

Echo ridge is full of multiple different trails that connect with different roads. This area is great for both hiking, mountain biking and also skiing in the winter time! Located North between Chelan and Manson, this area has a lot to offer since there is both summer and winter trails open.

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Little Bear Trail

(2.3 Miles)

Short family fun hike! This trail is located on the Southshore side of lake at the Lake Chelan State Park. Experience a nice walk next to the lake and explore the park while you are there!

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Pot Peak

(9.5 miles)

Pot Peak is a steep climb, but it is worth it for the beautiful forest views! Another great trail for both hikers and experienced mountain bikers. Be sure to come prepared with food and water for this climb!

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Chelan Lakeshore Trail

(6.8 or 17 miles)

This trail is unique, since you can’t just drive to it-You will have to catch a boat to reach this destination! This trail is great for anyone seeking an adventure and you may need to do some planning since you will need to take the ferry (Lady of the Lake). There is two destinations for either a shorter or longer hike. You can drop off at Moore Point and hike 6.8 miles to Stehekin or if you are feeling for more of a challenge, have the ferry drop you off at Prince Creek to travel for 17 miles towards Stehekin. 

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Wildlife in the area:

Not only will you get to see lake chelan in a whole new perspective, but you will also see a lot of the beautiful wildlife in the area! Soaring eagles, bighorn sheep and deer. But also be on the lookout for brown bears and rattlesnakes! Keep your food packed tight and watch your step (especially near large rocks and boulders!) There is also a lot of beautiful wildflowers in the area such as arrowleaf balsamroot and lupines. 

So whether you are visting during the summer or even the winter, be sure to plan a hiking day with your friends and family!