Apple season is here!

23 Jul 2017
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It's July in Chelan and that means - APPLES ARE HERE! If you haven't experienced a Northwest apple, you are seriously missing out. They are hard to miss considering they account for over 85% of distribution in the US. Take a look at the sticker of the next apple you eat and more then likely, it will be from this neck of the woods! 

Discover some of the most unique hybrids you can imagine and set a new standard for your Apples by tasting what Chelan has to offer. From now until October, you can bet on buckets, piles, stacks, pies, jams, sauce, cider and anything else you can think of putting an apple in will be within short distance if you make a trip to Chelan. 

It would seem wise to visit one of these apple havens while you are in town, after all, why not?! Here are a few pointers on what way to go when seeking out one of Chelan's most novel attributes. 

IGA - Chelan Market - This is the local super market of Chelan. Enjoy some of the most delightful Apple selections and hybrids with a great price to match! They are known for selling Apples by the bag, sometimes for as little as $1 during Apple season! 

Chelan Fresh -  Enjoy a farm to table with growers working directly with you as you discover one of the biggest ORGANIC selection of Apples in the Northwest. They distribute all over the world but no shipping required when you taste one of these big juicy apples for yourself right off the tree! 

The Pie Lady @ Wapato Point - That's right. Since the early 90's this woman has been serving up some serious pies from the back seat of her car! On any given day, you can find the pie lady hanging out in a lawn chair along side her SUV with an open trunk filled with pies. You can spot her just outside the entrance of Wapato Point. Whatever season it is, that's what pie you get! She serves up some of the best Apple, Pecan and blackberry pie ever.  Its not your typical pie shop, but its also not your typical pie! 

Sunshine Farm Market - Tucked away on the Orondo side of the lake, you will find Sunshine Farm Market. An adorable homey market that has an extensive selection of local treats. From apples to bread you can find everything you need for the perfect picnic. In Sept and October take advantage of their "U Press" cider and enjoy the experience of making old fashion cider while also enjoying the taste! 

Cider Works - Also on on the Orondo side, this is the perfect place to stop on your day trip to Leavenworth. Enjoy homemade cider and apple spice doughnuts made fresh daily! There is also an amazing patio and grass area with cute games and photo opportunities of orchards as far as the eye can see.